COP 26

31 October – 12 November 2021 Glasgow COP 26 conference became a new milestone on the way of  building  green society and economy.

Key topics of COP26 were:

- limit global warming to 1.5 degrees
- reduce usage of coal. Countries achieved a consensus on  "phase down" coal power plants, rather than complete "phase out”,  because of China and India strong position to save their economy.  
- increase financial support for developing countries.

Japan’s Minister of Environment Mr. Yamaguchi evaluated COP 26 as “historical” and stated that “phase down” course conforms well with Japanese policy and emphasized importance of transferring to the mix of ammonia with coal.

Japan was criticized because of lack of ambitions and concrete plans towards coal phase-out. Current plan is to lower coal plants percentage to 20% by 2030. Carbon emission target remains the same 46% with prospects to achieve 50% by 2030, but since a real progress is 18%, Japan needs to revise its energy master plan as well actively implement new policy and technologies.

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