Kyosera enters Solar Power business

Kyocera, headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, is entering the "Renewable Energy Power Supply Business" from October 1st. This business encompasses procuring, managing supply and demand, and selling electricity generated from their solar power systems.

As part of this initiative, Kyocera will offer two services: the "Onsite PPA Electricity Supply Service," allowing companies to install solar power systems without upfront investments and consume renewable energy on-site, and "HOUSmile_e," a flat-rate energy system service for homes enabling the installation of solar power and storage systems without initial costs.

In this "Renewable Energy Power Supply Business," Kyocera will source renewable energy from four electricity supply sources, including the two services mentioned earlier, all utilizing Kyocera's solar power systems. The procured renewable energy will be used in Kyocera's facilities and sold to other companies needing renewable energy.

Customers with solar power systems from these four supply sources can consume renewable energy on-site and supply surplus electricity to Kyocera's facilities and other companies, enhancing the efficient use of renewable energy. Kyocera aims to leverage its extensive experience in developing and manufacturing solar power systems as a manufacturer to offer these services.

Kyocera highlights that this business marks the first instance in Japan of procuring electricity exclusively from their solar power systems and the first to utilize a partial supply system for solar power, where consumers receive electricity from multiple providers.
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