Tokyo GX Week 2023

An international conference aimed at discussing cooperation for achieving a decarbonized society and ensuring stable energy supply, countries from Asia and the Middle East came together on the first day, the 25th of September, and reached a consensus on the importance of financial support for emerging Asian countries transitioning to decarbonization.

This series of international conferences, known as "Tokyo GX Week," was hosted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI). Representatives from approximately 40 countries, including Japan, Asia, and the Middle East, as well as officials from international organizations, attended the event held at a hotel in Tokyo.

During the afternoon session, discussions revolved around the strategies for financial support from both the public and private sectors to reconcile decarbonization with economic growth in emerging Asian countries.

Key points discussed included:

The importance of financial support for technology transitions towards decarbonization for countries facing immediate challenges in this regard.

The significance of dialogue among stakeholders with differing positions on the path to decarbonization.

A series of international conferences will continue until the 5th of next month, with Japan aiming to reflect the outcomes in discussions such as the United Nations Climate Change Conference COP28, scheduled to begin in November this year.
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