Hitachi and Toshiba invest in EU startups.

Hitachi Energy - Energy & Renewables Company, a Hitachi Group’s subsidiary, invested in  Swedish industrial start-up, called H2 Green Steel, that was founded in 2020 with the ambition to accelerate the decarbonization of steel industry using Green Hydrogen. Especially its plant in Boden will use in a fully integrated process with the expected results of 95% C02 reduction.

Detailed collaboration content is the next:
1) Hitachi Energy’s equity investment in H2 Green Steel;
2) products and services from Hitachi Energy that are needed to construct and improve the electrical infrastructure to power steel production and giga scale electrolyzer plants;
3) green steel to be used in the manufacturing of Hitachi Energy’s products, once H2 Green Steel starts production. 
H2 Green Steel will help Hitachi to optimize it its power infrastructure with IT and operational technologies

Toshiba Energy Systems, a subsidiary of Toshiba invested in UK’ renewable energy startup Reactive Technologies. Toshiba is known by its measurement technologies for renewable energy stable supply and is looking for new markets for its products and service. Reactive Technologies has developed its own technology for power grid Inertia measurement and is providing its service to UK’s power transmitters. This helps to understand to what extent renewable energy share could be increased in the power grid.  Toshiba is planning to expand its power grid related products and serviced to EU, North America and Australia.
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